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no nut november

[turning boys into brave men]


The rules are to be followed by ALL. Anyone caught disobeying the rules will face SEVERE PUNISHMENT. The rules are simple:

*The number 1 rule is DON’T NUT                                                                      –This results in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION
*No looking at porn or anything naughty!                                                        *Abstain from playing with your meat for the whole of November (dont even think about it buddy- for extra caution, pee in your pants)  *Pursue a new skill to replace masturbating – chase your dreams, expose the cure for cancer, read a book etc…

The month of November unites men around the globe to come together as one. Men refrain from busting nuts under any circumstances until the clock strikes 12:00 AM on December 1st. 

Through this test of true willpower and strength, these brave heroes gain all kinds of unbelievable powers and most importantly, become free men.

The weak and incapable boys will perish on the battle field, leaving only the real men behind-who, with all of that time saved from not masturbating, and the restored innocence, strange powers begin to emerge inside of them…


Unfortunately,  of all the soldiers, only a few survive… We have recorded the journey of one man who attempted the challenge in the Journey tab.

not convinced? Dont believe this works? still a loser? Here are some testemonials FOR YOU!

jack goff

Winner of the Nobel peace prize and Time’s person of the year, Jack has since continued to impact and bless this world. He began like every other mortal on his no nut november journey and soon noticed changes that would turn his life around…                                                                                                                          Jack’s Testemonial                                    “It all started about one week into no nut november when I started hearing voices at night… oh lord the VOICES! My headaches were getting worse and I began to hallucinate. Against all odds, I managed to stay strong and hang on! Soon my vision became clear again and I began seeing microscopic objects with my own eyes. Later on, I was able to telepathetically communicate with animals, see new colours and I even began to undertstand women. By the 29th day of no nut november I developed super-enhanced senses to the point where I move objects with my mind.”

Nofap day 168
This is an image of Jack who also holds a record of 12345678910 olym🅱ic medals
This is the last known image of Willie before his dissapearance. Many believe he transcended into space and never came back.

willie stroker

“Mortal fools! I have converted my nut into cosmic energy, opened my 3rd eye & now my powers are beyond limitations. I have exceeded the limits of this mortal body that I inhabit. I will continue no nut november until I’ve gained enough power to destroy the world and I am indestructible. Just yesterday I picked up my annoying neighbour’s house and destroyed it with my own mind. I haven’t eaten in weeks and my family is worried but they just don’t understand my power. I am on the verge of attaining my final form, I will spare nobody! Soon they will understand, all will!”                                                                                                           &                                     “After participating in no nut november, I recommend you ry it and you’ll love it, the outcomes are endless!”

moe lester

Moe might look like a sweet old man, but when it’s not November he is a SERIOUS creep. If he’s not lurking around the school playgrounds (banned from most) or shouting at pigeons then you can find him nutting at the local mall or at the bus stop. When he puts on the famous banker outfit, he becomes the explosive predator who cannot be stopped. You really don’t want a guy like him around your kids.                                 Moe’s Testemonial                          “Every November I practice avoiding nutting and instead focus my efforts in learning to fly a plane, raising a pack of wolfs and stealing from the poor all thanks to no nut november! I will participate again.”

Moe is now banned from most public places and is a registered sex offender. If you see him please contact the local authorities immediatly.
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