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In the beginning of November there were many determined soldiers. However, many men have fallen throughout this brutal war; some of who reached a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks. But in the end, only a few survived…

No recorded male (who regularly masturbates) in the history of the world has completed No Nut November! For long now, we have awaited some champion of endurance and self-control to inspire the rest of the men to finish the challenge.

But YOU defeated all the evil forces this world tempted you with. You are the victor of the people, you are one of the last, a rare warrior who passed the month with 0 nuts. So upon fully completing this challenge, which is an extremely great honor, and a true symbol of power I hereby present you the ultimate prize.

Here is your Destroy dick December valid pass –> Use it with great caution. *now scream*


You bust a nut a certain amount of days depending which day it is. Starting with one nut on the 1st day, 2 nut on the 2nd and so on (one nut, two nut, three nut, four nut) everyday…. It comes out to a whopping total of 496 nuts throughout the month of December with 31 nuts on the 31st of December.

Our doctors here at have analysed the risks and said “Sir that is not healthy and possibly fatal, I highly advise you to not attempt it and proceed with no masturbation” and “Sir please get off the table and go back to psych ward!!!!!” and “Get out of my office now!!! Please I’m calling security!!!”.

So there you have it boys, don’t attempt Destroy Dick December without consulting a professional or asking your parents for advise first.

no nut november official wall of fame



Winner of 


ben dover

“It got to a point where even my house looked thicc, I swear everything started turning against me but I stayed strong and I followed the advice on this website. I couldn’t have made it without the support, thank you very much for the award I’m very honoured. Now if you’ll excuse me, uhhhm I just need to do something real quick” – Ben (1st December 00:20 AM)



Winner of 


As soon as Yeeval recovered, everyone in the hospital was miraculously healed. Yeeval is now the leader of NNN on reddit and North Korea

Interviewer: Hello Yeeval! Congratulations on officially winning No Nut November 2018! Our records (do not ask how we got them) show us that you were the only male to make it this November!! How did you do it?

Yeeval: *beep* *beep* *beep*

Interviewer: Wow, truely inspirational! Do you have any advice to offer the idiot reading this?

Yeeval: *beep* *beep* *beep*



Winner of  2019

Mr. Hugh G. rection

Interviewer: Congratulations Mr. Hugh, you’re one of the few men on the globe to have come this far, how did you do it?

Mr. Hugh G. Rection: The secret to my succes is making sure I consume 5 fruits and vegetables daily, exercising and meditating regularly, reading often and sleeping for about 23 hours a day”


Winner    of      2020

madiq tieny

Madiq accidentally broke both of his arms after an arm wrestling match with the winner of DDD 2019, Sir. Senior scissors. This gave him the motivation and capability to beat no nut november in 2020, turning a loss into a win!



Winner    of      2021


(to be announced before NNN 22)