why you should participate


Most of this is probably all a joke to you, it’s not to be taken serious – but for a few (unfortunate) souls, this has meaning, and a good reason behind it too. 

I mean why shouldn’t you participate?

…Okay, it’s really just a meme, and a good one at that, It also promotes a good message (which is rare in our entertainment-driven world). Being a meme doesn’t make you a joke (look at Trump who is a full-time meme and a horrible reality), and you should make the most of your reality -or change it. Which is what this bizarre meme ultimately does! I know these social parts of the internet are known for not taking anything serious which is all cool, but don’t let internet make you forget there are consequences to your actions. It’s more than just about No Nut November for some!

I will hopefully try to get through to people with addictions, so please read on!

Why no porn though?


Porn is really really bad for everyone and it’s negatively affecting and harming our world – no way to sugarcoat it either…

What you’re doing comes with a price; all our actions amount to who we are – even if no one is watching or these are just your internet habits, and this is what you do and that becomes a part of you!– it’s a reflection of who you are and what you like to do with the limited time you have on this planet. As a collective, this is how some of the ‘men’ in our society are behaving behind closed doors, and thats part of why the world is the way it is. If you added all the hours, some would be surprised! For example, if you on average spend 15 minutes a day busting a nut to a video – over 10 years that means you’ve spent almost an entire year of your life doing that  – it really does add up.

FYI there are some benefits to Porn Masturbation Orgasm (PMO) and thats all good but dont forget that there are benefits for crack too. Truth is, there is nothing glamorous about being an addict to your own hands, not being in full control over yourself isn’t ideal for anyone. So before you turn the other cheek, look at everything going on in the world, and realise that people can justify just about anything. 

Some of these may seem extreme and not everyday facts but pornography addiction is becoming more serious and so common as it reaches more younger people, every day, every year.

reasons you should quit:

  • Better days:  You won’t know all the consequences of your actions until you stop taking those actions –This more than just avoiding Porn Masturbation Orgasm (PMO); there are plenty changes and benefits in all aspects of your life it could impact
  • You are what you do (or eat?) –Your mind is more important than your body, so what you feed it is far more important. Your daily choices reflect your true nature (rational decisions, willpower etc. ) and  these are the attributes (attitude) that influence where you end up in life <– everything starts in the mind with a small thought!
  •  You grow every day, but these habits will slow your growth down –Life isn’t short; it’s long and tricky because you have to live by the decisions you make and you can’t go back. And one thing that will always stay with you is your attitude (regardless of age). Time never stops for anyone in this invisible race, and you will always be part of this beautiful world until your last day. There is no need to avoid life or let the time pass.
  • A productive morning starts the night before: if you’re finishing & draining yourself up and then sleep, don’t expect the greatest start to the next day.
  • Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship: how you treat yourself is what is important. You and yourself are the only real thing in this world, the only real relationship you will ever be in.
  • You know better: Less guilt and bringing yourself down for your own actions plus you won’t look at yourself like this:
Meaningless memories! + the guilt that you put yourself through adds up and weakens you as a person.
  • You’re physically harming your schmeat. Excessive or rough masturbating desensitizes the peepee and so you feel less joy everytime you do it (even with a girl).
  • Those are your children going down the drain 🙁
What if you on your death bed or your loved ones ask what you did with your free time?
  • Energy: the desire for sex is a big driver for us- if you drain that sexual energy with your own two hands, you might find yourself asking the same question every time… what now? What if instead, you used that sexual energy towards something else?
  • Your brain (more important than you realise) is rewired every time:
  1. You’re learning instant gratification with rewards < messes with your moods (being unstable leads to bad decisions often- it’s all linked)
  2. Makes you want quick reward-seeking behaviour (like the fact that you can’t go an hour without checking your phone or feel the need to always be on the TV or PC)
  3. Repeating behaviours you know are potentially damaging can make bad habits normal because you are burying your gut (or soul/heart/brain) and losing control of your choices/forgetting you have a choice >setting you up 2 make more thoughtless choices in life
  4. Over-stimulating dopamine: just like drugs, the more you do it, the more you need to take cause you build a tolerance- so in order to feel as good (longer sessions, more nuts, weirder stuff):
  • It’s bad for everyone: The way guys think about women is not improving cause of all the misinformation coming from a hyper-sexualised society. Women have to pay the price in this vicious cycle in so many ways like body image (feeling insecure from their own body because it doesn’t fit the ‘standard’ > regular shaving, makeup, surgery, failing relationships and so many more issues) that affects everyone because women are respected less (they have to put in unnecessary effort or be shamed for being less appealing).                                                                                                                                                      -Appearances are more important than they should be, and to make things worse, you can find mirrors and sex everywhere misinforming us (mirrors lie, the real you is beautiful). From just about anything -TV, posters, art, adverts etc. a female body is basically marketed and everywhere you look it’s used to advertise. Some men admit that they can’t even look at another (female) person without sexualizing them and that’s messed up.
  • It’s bad for everyone: Endless videos of soft/hard porn for young men to indulge in this toxic, nihilistic and dehumanizing consumer product. It is becoming evident that men are feeling less manly, which actually is what is creating toxic masculinity – a lack of real natural masculinity!
  • You’re supporting a toxic industry of prostitution (because these women get paid to have sex) for the world to see & this contributes to male patriarchy. Girls are getting tricked into being empowered (financially) by using their body instead of their brain or skillset.
  • (for straight people) It’s gay: You’re putting yourself through scenarios that you shouldn’t even be subjugating yourself to. You’re watching things that you would never even do/see in real life. Search up Homosexual-Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder (HOCD) caused by porn. You’re literally looking at hundreds of penises, and if that’s not gay, I really don’t know what is.
  • PIED: porn can make reality boring, this is becoming sad for so many girls who feel ugly after dudes can’t get it up because watching porn and having sex are two completely different things. Most males are struggling to get it up and don’t even realise why.
  • The FBI guy is probably watching;
  • Your arms may look like this:
  • Guilt: You can’t sweep any mental problem under the rug, it must always be addressed or else you will weaken your character. Address the things you don’t like about yourself because of porn not allowing you to look at yourself in the mirror with full confidence because you have this list of mistakes you’re lowkey avoiding.
  • Porn can lead to lowering standards and being desperate for sex that can be distracting & bad for you and your REAL future partner. it also leads to countless days wasted chasing your desires – Nonutnovember.org’s advice is to find yourself before you find anyone else!
  • Pornography is unnatural: You’re literally just having sex with your screen, watching actors go at it and make you forget how intimate sex really is. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between sex and masturbation. It’s not as good as you believe it is.
  • Be more intimate –Let only one person make your heart beat fast, not strangers on a screen.
  • Men’s exposure to sexually explicit material is correlated with social anxiety, depression, low motivation, erectile dysfunction, concentration problems, and negative self-perceptions in terms of physical appearance and sexual functioning… oh and there’s more!
  • The younger you are, the more at risk you are, this is not worth influencing the prime of your life for. You’re going down a path that leads to somewhere very toxic (no matter what age, religion, race or whatever you are – any man can be a victim); What you could be and choose to be end up being different things for most people because they waste their time (not just porn). Recovering from an addiction requires some serious growth. You will be required to do more than you’ve ever done and been capable of, you need to exceed yourself. The good thing is that the power is inside of you, you can reverse the damage; the hard part is being able to come to a real understanding between yourself.

Before anything, you’ll need to change your perspective towards the approach and see the big picture (not just the good moments that come with the nut) of what you’re doing. Especially before changing a consistent habit that has become a routine for most of you, one that your brain really craves and uses as a really bad way to cope with some simple human urges. So you’re going to struggle since you like it so much and are so used to it.

 People might not see how it’s affecting you cause it’s a slow change that takes away from what you could have become.

what you can gain:


Quitting masturbating and “No-nut-november or NoFap” has been so beneficial for thousands of people (not to burst your bubble but you’re not any different so when I say “people” – I am saying this could easily be you cause we have more things in common than we have differences). They have come forward to speak out on how much good it did them (you can find the testimonials for extra motivation all over).

 I’ve summarised most of the benefits below:

**Please note: You’ll see that there are many benefits (they are different for everyone, so it’s not going to be all the same for you) but overall, it’s a MASSIVE positive change. Some of these benefits come from serious addicts so their experiences with NoFap might be better than yours as the addiction was a big part of their life (it’s a different journey for everyone but it does lead to positive changes for most).

  • More conscious decision making as you train yourself to see the “big picture in life” & × Renewed interested in the little things in life (less instant gratification makes you more appreciative of things);
  • + Physical health – × Increased energy, testosterone, strength and endurance (stamina) × Better posture (less shrugging and opening up your chest) × No porn-induced erectile dysfunction (big ones for virgins lol) and delayed/premature nuts × Better breathing (due to posture I think) × Increased muscle × Better sleep × Vibrant and alive looking eyes × Clearer voice × Healthier hair × Less stress;
  • + Mental health – × More productivity, creativity and self-esteem (confidence) × Less anxiety and depression and irritations (less irritations make you more happy trust me) × Better clarity of mind, alertness & better memory × Become more open-minded × Less paranoia (one less bad habit to make u think twice about what you’re doing) × Develop healthier habits × Stronger emotional intelligence (free yourself from being a slave of your desires) × Reduced rage and anger as well as mood swings;
  • + Spiritual health – × Feeling more alive feeling a powerful spirit inside × Inner peace × Less guilt × Deeper purpose × More philosophical thinking and wisdom × More patience and appreciation (less craving to fill in something every time you get a break/ are bored) × Peaceful and serene feelings of being with yourself (you won’t have to fuck yourself everytime you’re by yourself) × More courage, optimism, compassion, laughs and freedom × Feeling more worthy (focus on less negative things you do and more on the positive) × Make more things happen × Natural highs in mood (more euphoria and calmness) all leading to opening a spiritual world or going further;
  • + Relationships – × More social (better communication and influencing) × Less social anxiety and mood swinging/shouting at people × Personality development (becoming a brave man or woman or whatever) × Deeper interactions for social and partners × People become more attracted to you (women sexually and men respectfully ß IDK exactly how this works but everything is linked);
  • Changing perspective of how you see women – you start to see women less as sex objects (more realisation of inner beauty) and × More appreciation and admiration for them.                                                                                                                                                                                                              –>Less intrusive (unwanted) thoughts caused by all the BS you’ve fed yourself from watching all that porn… who knew that the removal of subjecting your mind to bizarre images of all kinds of strangers going at it on a regular basis would be so daunting huh?;
  • Better sex (Real libido, better desire for real women, not your right hand) × You won’t feel dissatisfied after having sex (expectations are shattered/altered) × Stronger erections;
  • Better confidence and motivation that urges a better mindset which can result in a downstream of you craving the finer things in life rather than the basic easy stuff;
  • Self-control and the numerous other benefits that come along with these change.
  • Prove that you’re capable, even if it is to prove you are capable; prove your own critic wrong; silence the little man inside of you that only wants the little things in life; better yourself.

And just remember, anyone is capable of whatever so you can do it no matter how addicted you are

Don't decide what it's worth to you before it's too late, what's the harm in trying?

The timing of benefits will be different; everything will come gradually, nothing is instant like porn and nuts. One thing leads to another (it’s the same way the world works, everything is linked) when you have more energy, freedom, confidence in yourself and time that you can use for a productivity or self discovery. It takes smart work to feel good, that’s how this world works, that’s why some of these are unique to every individual- but you won’t know how you’ll benefit until you try it. 

There are thousands of stories of people talking about their success and how it has benefited them. The one thing they all have in common is that after a successful ‘NoFap’, they find themselves more optimistic and better off because they make better choices with their time because life (time) is precious.

The rest of these benefits come from semen retention (hence NO NUT), find out more on:

reddit.com/nonutnovember – nofap.com/ – reddit.com/r/NoFap/

picture belongs to: @alkalinehuman1 (IG)